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Based on official Malaysian government crime statistics in 2006, more than 200,000 CRIMINAL cases were reported. Statistically speaking, an average of 8.5 WOMEN were RAPED daily. 6,000 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE cases were reported. 1.65 PEOPLE were MURDERED daily. 18,000 cases of UNARMED ROBBERY, 5716 cases of ASSAULT and 9551 cases of SNATCH THEFT and 42343 cases of VIOLENT CRIMES were reported. 

No doubt, statistics would have risen for the current year.

A.R.M. Self Defense was developed with the aim of arming the everyday man and woman with the right knowledge and education to personal safety, not only in the physical, but also psychologically. 

We believe that the final outcome for a threat and altercation of any kind must the the eventual well-being and safety of one-self and loved ones. It is therefore of the utmost importance that everyone be educated in the aspect of self protection and we do this through our methodology of the acronym "ARM" which means "Avoid", "Respond" & "Minimize"
  What Is A.R.M. (Avoid, Respond, Minimize) ?
Avoidance of a potential confrontation, life-threatening or otherwise (a possible mugging, rape, extortion, street fight, etc) demands environmental and situational awareness. External awareness of our surroundings and knowing what is going on around us will help us anticipate potential threats (someone hiding in the shadows, a noise in a dark alley, an unsavory looking character approaching you) and allow us to 'side-step' it. There is also internal awareness. This is how we carry and feel about ourselves from the inside. If you walk with a slouch or poor posture that exudes low self confidence, you can set yourself up to become a prime target for predators.

To Respond is to defend yourself with verbal and/or physical force when all else fails, fully knowing the possibility of being hurt or killed if no action is taken. In times like this, your body will release chemicals within you to prepare for . The sudden influx of adrenaline will cause you to breathe short breaths, experience tunnel vision, lose cognitive thought and fine motor skills. The adrenal rush will not only mobilize you for 'fight' or 'flight', it can also cause you to freeze in fear. This is where you will learn simple, easy and effective gross motor movement-type self defense strikes against the weak points of the human anatomy that can bring down almost any assailant.

Minimize injury to yourself by moving away once you have responded appropriately and reasonably against your attacker. Being aware also plays a part in this instance, whereby prior to, or at the time of provocation, we will already have anticipated a plan of escape by mentally capturing 'snapshots' of possible escape routes, locating objects in and around us which can be used as weapons, and just basically being 'in tune' with our present environment and situation. Once you have temporarily diffused the situation (either by physical contact or verbal persuasion), extricated yourself immediately by running to the nearest public place or police station when you can get help. In this aspect, the most important thing to do is to move away to safety as soon as possible in order to minimize danger to yourself or your loved ones.


Some of the activities we have in class is role-playing (to get use to a threat and learn how to diffuse a situation with body language and words), control the adrenal rush so that you can resume bodily control and peripheral vision, learning the tools of attack and defense (how to punch, kick, sidestep, block), Simulate defense against knife attacks, multiple opponent attacks, ground attacks, etc. Students are also taught to use locks in order to subdue and control an assailant. From time to time, the instructor will utilize the Bulletman Suit (a 'head to toe' body armor) to allow students to go full force against an attacker. This is good training as it allows students to experience the 'adrenal rush' of an attack and to use impact strikes and find out how powerfully they can deliver a blow without hurting the instructor.

We believe that by the end of the first class, a newbie will have learned valuable insight into self protection and by the 3rd month of continual training, will have the necessary skills to defend themselves against a simple attack.
  Through the ARM Methodology, you will learn how to :-

>> Use Verbal Assertiveness Skills To Diffuse Any Potential Threat Before Things Get Ugly. Avoidance at all
      cost is our primary intention!

>> Learn To Be Aware Of Your Surroundings And Improve Your Peripheral Vision To Avoid And Sidestep
      Potentially Life-Threatening Situations.

>> Learn How To Handle And Break The Adrenaline Rush, A Natural Body Response In Times Of Fear And
      Anxiety That Causes You To "Freeze"

>> Develop A Strong Self Confident Image And Posture To Eliminate The "Victim" Mentality. After all,
      communication is 10% vocal and 90% body language.

>> Adopt Simple And Easy To Learn GrossMotor Skills For Effective Self Defense Techniques

>> Develop An Automatic Response By Exploding Your Self Defense Techniques In The Face Of Imminent
      Danger but using "Stun & Run" tactics

>> Experience Full Impact Reality Based Training By Going Full Force On Our "Bulletman" Protective Suit.
      This Will Enable You To 'Feel" An All-Out Attack With Out Injuring Yourself or your 'Attacker'.

>> Learn To Use "Every Day" Objects As Self Defense Weapons When The Need Arises

>> Identify Weak Points Of The Body That Can Bring Down Any Assailant.

>> Discover how you can handle multiple attackers


Can we guarantee you that you will always come out unscathed in a threatening confrontation?

No we can't, and I don't believe anyone can.

However, what we can guarantee you is a strong fighting chance in knowing how to handle yourself in such a situation.