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Being one of the three main components of SEN Master Academy,  Classic Taekwon-do was founded in 2008 with 2 principle aims :-

i.  to serve as a flagship for Taekwon-Do students and instructors under the tutelage and guidance of its
    Chief Instructor, and

ii. to provide a focal point of reference and contact for students, friends and acquaintances.

Classic Taekwon-Do is committed to the holistic learning of the Art & Science of Taekwon-Do. We firmly believe that by placing equal emphasis on the physical, physiological and psychological development of our Instructors and Students, they will be better empowered to have greater Control over Self, their Environment and Circumstances.

At Classic Taekwon-Do, we practice the Chang Hon system of Taekwon-Do, as developed and promulgated  by the late Father of Modern Taekwon-Do, and Founder of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), Gen. Choi Hong Hi. Our teacher and mentor, Grandmaster Dr. Yeow Cheng Watt, 9th degree blackbelt (pictured below), who had studied under the late founder, and passed the essence and knowledge of the art to us. 

Grandmaster Yeow

     Our Taekwon-do classes are available on the nights of Wednesdays and Fridays, and Sunday evenings at 5.30pm.
                       Do call us to enquire.

  Master Khaldun and the CTA kids 

The Vision

Classic Taekwon-Do Academy emphasizes on the total and holistic development of its students by integrating physical conditioning, self-defense education and character building into our classes and training regime. Taekwon-Do, is more than just a physical sport or self-defense system. It would be detrimental to perceive the art as merely a body of physical movements, blocks, kicks, punches, patterns, self-defense techniques and free-sparring.

Taekwon-Do, as with most other traditional martial art forms which are deep-rooted in the historical, cultural and philosophical evolution of man, was formulated on a set of ideologies, beliefs, principles and values to help its practitioner lead better and more fulfilling lives, and to regulate interaction between fellow man. 

This set of ideologies, beliefs, principles and values is what is commonly referred to as the Do…the Way, as in Taekwon-Do, the Way of the Hand and Foot. The movements, techniques and physical training just empower us with the ability, strength and character to uphold this philosophy and code of conduct.


The Mission

Therein lays the mission of Classic Taekwon-Do Academy.

We strongly adhere to the time-tested equation that excellent health, fitness and flexibility; coupled with practice, practice and more practice of TKD self-defense techniques; laced with the constant and consistent inculcation of solid principles and values as laid out in the Tenets of TKD and the Student’s Oath, would make for a complete and all encompassing exponent or individual who will have greater Power and Control over Self, Environment and Circumstances.

By persistently practicing the Tae and the Kwon, and endeavoring at all times to embody the Do, we strive to empower our students with strong fundamentals, competencies and values such as :-

Ability and Capability
Health and Fitness
Humility and Respect
Courtesy and Consideration
Tolerance and Understanding
Patience and Diligence
Sincerity and Integrity
Concentration and Discipline
Teamwork and Comradeship
Perseverance and Self confidence
Self control and Indomitable spirit build strength of character that would help them through their course in life, and make them more effective and productive individuals, members of society and future leaders.


Our Classes 

- For children (5 years above) and adults (no age limit); min. 5 students. Children, Adults, Family or Mixed classes.
- Syllabus : Physical and fitness conditioning; flexibility training; basic, intermediate to advance (White to Black Belt) conventional TKD techniques; and values coaching.
- Recognized and accredited certification is provided.
- Weekly and/or bi-weekly training sessions are conducted at the premises of the respective institutions or at our Centre.
- Personal/individual training and/or closed or private groups can be arranged.
- Enquiries are welcomed.