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Ladies Kickboxing
Ladies! Break a sweat with us and learn the fantastic
discipline of kicking and punching at our kickboxing class!


It’s a great and fun way to get into shape, help with fat loss, tone & sculpt muscles, improve fitness and health, relieve stress and gain you oodles of self-confidence, all in an action-packed hour.
Apart from learning some form of self-protection, you will get a fabulous cardio workout.

All around, it just kicks ass in an awesome way! It’s a full body workout!

No experience of kickboxing is required. Just come and join us. Our experienced instructors will guide and help you work at your own stride and push you on when you are ready to pick up the pace.



Wait No More, Ladies!  Join us now every Thursday night at 7pm at our centre! Upon request, we can also cater for private (one-on-one) sessions and social group / corporate classes.