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SEN Master
is a specialized physical and fitness education program utilizing martial arts which is designed to help individuals and persons with special needs learn to cope, manage and even strive to overcome their innate or acquired disabilities, impairments and handicaps via a process of discovering, empowering and maximizing their abilities, talents and strengths through the training and the inculcating of ancient martial arts culture, values, systems and techniques.

As different disabilities may require different approaches in therapy, a potential student is first gauged via a screening process to develop a curriculum built specifically for him/her called the Individual Training Plan (ITP). The student will train via a 1 hour session with the instructor on a one-to-one basis. SEN Master is tailored directly to meet the needs of the individual in order to attain the results desired to improve the person's functionality in due time.

Categories Of Special Needs / Learning Disabilities that can be assisted under the SEN Master Program are :- 

Visual and/or Hearing Impairment
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Down Syndrome
Specific Learning Disabilities
Orthopedic & Muscular Disabilities (Cerebral Palsy, muscular dystrophies / atrophies
Emotional / Psychological Disorders
Health Impairments (ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Heart Conditions, Tourette's, epilepsy, etc)
Intellectual / Cognitive Disorders
Multiple Disabilities
Development Delay

How Does Martial Arts Therapy Help?

The physical and energetic training of martial arts techniques, stances and forms will develop fine and gross motor movements and coordination, build muscle tone, instill greater balance, stability, focus, attention and concentration in a fun and engaging manner. Such training will also provide health and fitness benefits with specific impairments who may generally lack exercise which may lead to obesity and other health issues. These physical issues are especially advantageous for individuals with Asperger's Syndrome and sensorial deficiencies. Moreover, people with learning disorders will take comfort in routines an repetitive forms and drills which will give them a sense of predictability, security and calmness.

The grading and belting system in martial arts will help instill a sense of achievement and fulfillment when the student successfully completes certain levels and is promoted, thereby boosting their confidence and self esteem. 

As the student progresses, more complex skills are introduced. As the student learns to comprehend and understand these concepts, he/she will learn how to receive, process, store and respond to stimuli and information. All these helps in improving brain function, memory and consequentially, cognitive capabilities.

On the non-physical aspects of martial arts, through its cultural values and strict codes of conduct, the student will come to learn respect, perseverance and self control. This will imbue him/her with a sense of awareness in controlling his/her behavior and impulses.

Through the use of Structured Teaching methods of TEACCH, and the application of ABA techniques within the martial arts class, the instructor will be able to provide guidance to the individual in practicing the art meaningfully, independently and  successfully.

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Grandmaster Yeow Cheng Watt with our 2 special students, Choy Yuen (Down's Syndrome) and Afif (Asperger's) Our History In Special Needs Training

Though SEN Master Academy was founded in 2016, we have already been teaching special needs individuals since 2008, when Classic Taekwon-do Academy founded. Through the teaching of various special needs children who have come to us since then, we have seen impressive results and improvements. This has encouraged us to establish the SEN Master Academy to focus on special needs training.

In 2014, we affiliated ourselves with the Special Needs International Taekwon-do Federation, New Zealand, which is led by 4th degree blackbelt, Benjamin Evans.

Currently, SEN Master coaches conduct special education needs martial arts training in SMK Manjalara (a secondary school) on a monthly capacity as an exercise curriculum for its special needs class. At the main centre in Bandar Sri Damansara, we conduct one-to-one hourly private sessions for our special needs students.