SEN MASTER Academy has a number of instructors and assistant trainers who are skilled at different levels and disciplines of martial arts. The diverse collaboration of knowledge and technical know how from our dedicated and dynamic team of instructors is dispensed to our students so that they may gain not only physical skills, fitness and health, but the intangible aspects of the arts, that come in the form of discipline, integrity, self control, perseverance and respect.  

Allow us to introduce you to our main core of educators.

Khaldun Redza is a 7th Degree Black Belt with 40 years of experience in Taekwon-Do (International Taekwon-do Federation). He was the undefeated Malaysian National Overall (Pattern & Free Sparring) Champion from 1986 to 1992 in his belt and weight category, until his retirement from active competition in 1993, and has represented Malaysia at numerous international ITF tournaments. 

As the founder and chief instructor of Classic Taekwon-do Academy, Master Khaldun's love in teaching Taekwon-do to children and adults, mainstream or special needs alike, shines through in his devotion, patience and dedication, and his desire to see his students succeed not only in the art, but in life. 

Master Khaldun has the following academic and martial arts qualifications :-

Advance Diploma in Special Education (Open University Malaysia)
Diploma In Special Needs Education & Child Psychology (OUM)
Diploma In Educational Studies - Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology (The College Of Teachers, London)
Certificate IN Child Psychology & Counselling (The College Of Teachers, London)
World Peace Diplomat Award, International Association Of Educators For World Peace 2008 (IAEWP, UN-NGO)
Certified Level 1 Instructor (Academy Kejurulatihan Kebangsaan)
Malaysian Team Manager to the 9th ITF World Championships 1994
Malaysian Contingent to the 6th and 7th ITF World Championships 1988 & 1990
National Individual / Team Pattern & Free Sparring Champion 1986 - 1992



Mr Eric Khoo began his Taekwon-do education in 1985 under the tutelage of Grandmaster Yeow Cheng Watt. Since then, he has obtained a 5th Degree Blackbelt in Taekwon-do and a 2nd Degree Blackbelt in Hapkido under the World Kido Federation in South Korea. Due to an incident in 2008 whereby his sister was involved in a traumatic mugging involving bladed weapons, Eric was spurred to seriously investigate the aspects of personal safety and self preservation.  It has also caused him to recognize the seriousness of knife attacks. Currently, apart from teaching and training in Taekwon-do, he has developed an interest in other martial arts systems that emphasize weapons and the bladed culture. 



Puan Hayati Jamal holds a 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Taekwon-do and is also certified in the Montessori Method of Education under the School Of Modern Montessori International, London. Her love for children is reflected in her dedication in advising and helping them in order that they may grow to become productive and happy adults. She not only assists the Academy in the running of daily operations and administrative work, but has also involved herself in the various ARM Self Defense, SEN Master and Classic Taekwon-do programs.